profile picI am currently assistant professor of digital writing at Western Oregon University where I study and teach digital writing, digital rhetoric, and academic writing.


My research considers the ways actors coordinate activity in participatory digital archives.  In so doing, I hope to draw attention to the ways that human and nonhuman agents cooperate to create vast peer productions in digital spaces.  Using a mixed-method research methodology heavily inflected by Activity Theory and Rhetorical Genre Studies, my research explores the potentials and pitfalls of writing and archival curation in networked environments.  This research connects to Writing Studies by exploring the the ways textual artifacts and various forms of “technical communication in the wild” aid in the tactical development of expansive electronic archives; further, my work also draws attention to the (dys)function of intellectual property in peer produced digital writings and digital archives.


In addition to researching participatory archives, I’m also working on a project with Alice Daer on social media rhetorical genres.  Drawing on twenty years of scholarship in the New Literacy Studies, this article positions informal literacy practices such as social media posting and hashtagging as rhetorical actions that can be effectively articulated as genres. By focusing on the literacy practice of hashtagging, we offer our own formula for understanding and tracing symbolic activity that moves across multiple social media contexts, communities, and applications.


When not teaching and researching, I also spend time working as web editor and contributing editor at Literacy in Composition Studies.  In my role as web editor, I am responsible for the creation and maintenance of our OJS (Open Journal Systems) powered website.  As a contributing editor, I work with the editorial team to review and revise manuscripts toward publication.


If you have any questions about my research, teaching or anything else, contact me here:


email – lewisj [at] wou [dot] edu




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skype - justalewis