Dornsife, Robert. “Is Digital the New Digital? : Pedagogical Frames of Reference and Their Implications in Theory and Practice.” Copy(Write):  Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom. Eds. Rife, Martine, Danielle Nicole DeVoss and Shaun Slattery, 2011. Print.

  • In this piece asks the question:  is it ok to allow or require the analog format to exist in the composition classroom?  D. also considers how notions of “copy” even hold or apply in a digital frame.  In closing, D. considers some different perspectives on the digital composition classroom as a way to rethink artistic license in digital environments.
  • D. notes that while we have long expected and advocated to “do more” with analog ports of writing assignments into the digital, what we should perhaps also recognize i that there’s a chance that the analog as represented in the digital may not work . . .rather, it may only operate in a digital to digital format.  As D. notes, “The analog, remediated digitally, may strive to preserve the analog aesthetic – including its rules – but does so at the risk of remaining less faithful to its own possibilities.”
  • Working from the New London Group, D. notes that we really risk a “bad fit” in composition assignments when we don’t let our students utilize the rapidly changing technologies that impact their personal lives in our composition classroom.
  • D. claims that the notion of the “copy” is actually an analog concept that is related to the conditions of analog technology.  This analog inscription sets up the original-copy binary while the digital complicates this binary by rendering “rarity” irrelevant.  This poses particular problems for copyright . . . a distinctly analog concept.
  • D. claims that in the new digital realm “ownership” should be rearticulated as “stewardship.”  The difference here is the steward recognizes that she is not the originator of an artifact but rather is simply responsible for the artifact at one point (to be followed by others who will be responsible for it)[1. A nice argument to consider when thinking about copyright and the vast archives that exist in piracy networks.].

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