Tim Dougherty and Justin Lewis
Dougherty, Timothy R. and Justin Lewis. “Progressive Caucus – Combating Institutional Neutrality: An Interview with Louise Dunlap.” Listening to Our Elders: Writing and Working for Change. Eds. Samantha Blackmon, Christina Kirklighter, and Steve Parks. Utah State Press. 2011
Publication year: 2011


In what follows, we took the advice of the PCC’s founder and interviewed Louise Dunlap to hear more about the SEIU action at the 1986 CCCC in New Orleans. In conjunction with Hollis, Dunlap played a key role in the Progressive Composition Caucus’s successful action in solidarity with the local labor struggle in New Orleans that year. Though she is now more involved with community writing groups, and actually began teaching in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT in the 1980s, Dunlap has been a writing instructor since the 1970s, and tells us that CCCC has always felt like a professional home for her. Her latest book is entitled, Undoing the Silence: Tools for Social Change Writing, and is intended to help folks unlock their power to advocate for and effect social change through writing. We caught up with her on the phone across multiple time zones on a snowy day in early January 2011.