Linstead, Stephen. “Ethnomethodology and Sociology: An Introduction.” The Sociological Review 54 3 (2006): 399-404. Print.

  • Ethnomethodology’s goal is to create an “alternative program to reveal social order as dynamic, contingent ‘ongoing accomplishment” (399).
  • Ethnomethodology doesn’t consider the micro or the macro, rather, it tries to concern itself with the different contexts of accountability in which both individuals and institutions are given identity and reproduced.
  • Ethnomethodology was first articulated by Garfinkel.  Latour references him as an American theorist working toward similar goals as ANT.
  1. Garfinkel’s work looked at neither macro or micro sociology (sites); rather, because Garfinkel doesn’t study either institutions or individuals, but contexts of accountability (think the network and relations inside the network, the black box, etc.) because this is where and how social institutions and individual members are reproduced holistically” (400).

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